Heart & Mind

Published September 7, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

In a lightning quick descent of madness,

It began..

the storm clearing

sun appearing

and the noises changing..

nothing making sense

no right, no wrong

It just was..

Her mind incapable of stopping it – plans grew.. details formed all on their own –

so thorough – she was frightened..

A plethora of firsts..

her hands shaking as she placed them on the sides of her head – willing the thoughts to stop as they ran rampant..

A quiet hum that was ever present exploding into a loud crescendo..

That only her ears could hear

Only her mind could know

Only her heart felt

Others blind to it..

Welcoming the unknown

She feels a strength in the unity of her heart & mind..weakness falling to the wayside..

She will walk before the scorching sun and welcome the warmth as it shares its’ love with her..

2 comments on “Heart & Mind

    • Hi Sonu
      How are you ?
      I see you’re writing again! Keep writing – you Love it!
      Thank you for all your comments on the different posts 😊 life will always be challenging – that is also what fills it with passion.. you are young with a great life ahead of you – never quit striving for goals – wherever you land is ok- it’s the pursuit and attitude in trying to achieve them that matters 😊
      Happy weekend to you


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