Au Revoir..

Published September 19, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

I wished to live..

pleading, begging on my knees at times..

struggling for the good,

fighting for air,

my fight wild and everywhere..

aiming for high

for every low..

somehow You thought not

how could You know..

How can that be?

I gave it my all

No holds barred..

through the decimation of my heart and a raping of my soul I persevered..

yet somehow You see through eyes of old, of new, of past and present

Of things to be..

help my loves now

see through fresh eyes,

eyes of yours..

ones that see hope through despair,

ones that see light through dark,

Eyes that stay open

as mine close to rest..

I’m letting go now

For I believe

I once was lost but now I’m free..

The child in my heart will always rise above..

Seeking, hoping,

Knowing there is more to come..

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