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Always Tomorrow.. not always 

Published September 4, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


They You I Them

We are all the same

Wanting needing searching yearning 

for kindness

A Gentle touch

Sweet gestures

Simple caring words

Filled by it..

Puts a smile on our face 

Just to know someone

Anyone remembers us

Thinks of us

Simply cares..

What has happened..

Why do we find this so hard to do..

Why do we stop doing things that matter..

Too busy

do it later 



Is any reason good enough?

What are we fighting so hard for?

Always chasing life

Yet Letting it slip through our fingers..

Always after.. Later..

After is too late

Later never comes 

Don’t drown in regrets

Let’s live our lives gratefully&thankfully

There is no time like now..