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Published September 21, 2019 by lamarrwenrich

arms flail open 
life spins you round 
staying up as you hit
the ground 
I feel you crumble in my outstretched arms 
the tears you hide 
my heart soaks up inside..
not by accident 
nor design
we were granted time..   
let’s live
let’s give
somethings lost somethings gained 
one thing is certain
we won’t stay the same..  
there’s more than this –
more than the worst thing it has done –
love may have lost
it comes at a cost.. 
you will live on within 
immortal in me 
I’ll be your voice and 
live out the choice you fought to have.. 
I love your smile 
wish you’d stay awhile..
bold in your walk
a sight to behold 
There is beauty in the inevitable
or so I’ve been told.. 

Deadly Love

Published July 22, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

she hears sounds
Sees the lips moving..
meaningless words
The praises bestowed upon her full of empty air
Choking her silent until she couldn't care
muting her with expectations
silencing her with his cold indifference
He shut her down by dismissing her thoughts
Unaware that she was disappearing into the words..
she heard & felt all the judgement until she wore it like her skin
buried underneath
She became invisible..
No one saw the destruction she had become
All was not well within the walls of her home
Nothing would revive the corpse of her soul
he loved her cruelly until she was no more