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Silent War..

Published April 21, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


You, her, me,
them, they, us..
scrutinizing each other until the words decimate the soul..
lies become truth
Wrongs become right..
The silent war is on
It’s lethal
Fatalities high
Jealousy causing a disease within us..
rotting to the core until we are no more
Critiquing never ends
So much hurt
desensitization real..
Intense pretty blue eyes
shading the hate
Brown eyes dull with pain
green eyes no longer sparkle
ridicule has had its’ way far too long
shredding her along the way, tearing you down
Until we are a wisp of a shadow of who they once were..
though the smile is present, her laugh out loud,
she has decayed inside
The smell unbearable
The pain crushing
until she can fight no more..
No one wins
as we all disappear within the mirror of fear we’ve learned to hate..