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Published October 19, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

all of it demeaning..
the louder you talk
the more you share
no one can hear
no one cares..
quiet your mind
silence your mouth
listen for once
without a shout
walk away from all the doubt..
wishing you
fearing you
nightmare to be had
laughter through the tears
takes away the sad..
my mind has been eclipsed
changing with the seasons
never hating - no regrets
not looking for the reasons..

i rise..

Published October 11, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

sudden appearance
spectacular exit
left my head spinning
my heart winning
love was flourishing from a place I deemed empty..
weary and tired
alive and thriving
our mind is a vessel
with treasures to behold..
open it up
let it explode
walk beside me
let’s touch that gold..


Published September 30, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

words spoken so sweetly
syllables flowing freely
Digesting the sound of them completely..
absorbing the rhythm playing through my mind
falling or flying
living or dying
hanging on to the words
like they’re mine..
majestical sounds to my heart
enveloping me completely
and so we start…

unravel me..

Published September 29, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

weave your way through me
teach me your ways
interlacing mind to heart
on down to my feet
plant them on the path of need
there’s nothing so low it can’t be reached..
I wish no weeds to grow beneath
keep me moving
love me deep
arms stretched out
yours to mold
there is no doubt
let’s have and to hold..

Forget me not..

Published July 26, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

Reaching out to touch you
my hands fall through empty space
only in my mind
as it rewinds are you there..
Is there a simple place of space left for us anymore..
every day I fall for you
I call for you
someone I once knew
my heart true to the love we grew…
we’ve walked many a miles
traipsing through it all
with hearts of smiles..
I don’t want to miss you anymore
can’t fight the tears
Or the truth that wears..
reach out to me once again
hands touching
fingers intertwining
unwinding the pain
nothing left to gain..
everything is meant to be broken
in the unspoken
don’t forget who I am…


Published July 20, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

Been here before
done it all wrong
somehow someway
now you’re a song
beautiful melody lulling me strong..
pulling me in
there is no win
obstacle course that goes and goes
shaping me making me
the heart knows no bounds..
all of it turning me round and round
Spinning spun I hit the ground
Right back where I begun..
is there an exit
I choose to ignore
I’d rather hang in and live with a roar..
love is a gift so much to explore
Encircle my heart
I choose to stay
I’ll be your prey..


Published July 17, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

A reflection of hope
the good that remains
a love that’s so pure
it covers the stains..
eyes sparkle and shine
the innocence blinds..
reminders of grace
for a race that is lost
you’re precious
so wonderful
worth the cost..
your giggles and laughter
the joy within
make each day possible
worth the win♥️

in the fabric..

Published April 24, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

dress me up in your arms
beguile me by your charms
Adorned by your love
details are in the fabric of my heart..
scars take on a new shade as
they fade
giving way to secrets revealed by the whisper of your name..
death has no fangs
I finally understand
it smiled at me
even with the pang..
Etched on my heart
dreams & memories become one..