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Our Soundtrack

Published December 13, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Stay lost..

Lost in our dance

never find your way out..

Let it be me

Only me you see

As you move your feet to our beat..

that rhythm of pure sweet..


Love only me in the sea of hopes & dreams where nothing is like it seems..

For my sway will stay –

no matter if you’re sitting & I’m standing or

You’re running & I’m walking

The picture in your mind and the soundtrack of my heart create the perfect harmony..

and I am bending, stretching and syncing to your every move..

Lost in the rhythm & blues of our rock’n’roll..

Impossibly Real

Published November 14, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Impossible intangible invisible..

real as can be

Something is about to give

Push the pedal down

let it take you

It’s unknown how hard the push will be

Or where you will be when you are set free

You have nothing left to lose..

Broken fractured souls

are healed in the freedom

of giving into the mystery..

scream until the light breaks through

Until the streaks of sunlight make you glow..

You aren’t the only fractured soul waiting to be made whole

Your lowest low will rise you to the highest highs..

Hold on tight

The other side is sweeter than sweet

And will fill you with delight..


Published September 27, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


full of raw emotion 

and vulnerabilities..

beautiful, full of life 

And terrifying in its’ unknown..

love beyond your sensibilities 

immerse yourself into the moments 

they are yours to live 

To explore

Put your hand in the Flame

Let it set you on fire 

exist in untempered love 


Go as high as the flame will burn before it dies out..

That spark 

will rekindle time after time 

good or bad 

Happy or sad 

shred the moments 

Devour them..

Love in itself is both intense and beautiful 

Better to be skinned alive 

than to never know

a love not lessened by anything..

No Such Thing

Published September 8, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


scientific, romantic, outlandish –

All prolific in our minds..

daydreams that give color to my black & white world..

whimsical fantasies created in the hopes of ones’ playful wishes..

perhaps an obsession never a reality..

and then you appeared..

I lost my footing as fantasy and reality blurred..

you became the skin wrapped around my skeleton..


the muscle between my skin and bones changing me..

You are my theory..

Anything is possible..


Published August 19, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Though the depth of despair lays bare your soul

There’s a beauty to your willingness to be broken

your openness to overcome is breathtaking

A mystery I’ll always try to understand

the warmth of your sun shines through

thawing the icy cold

I see the whole world in your eyes

your struggle giving you an inner strength

that is unexplainable

refusing to fall

You are a vessel of hope

Giving us strength

teaching us all monsters want the same thing:


never let them take over

You are more than the despondency within

You are the light that guides me home

Dance of Life

Published August 6, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

my imagination alive and well,
lingers on past the moments that fill my soul..
Tinkering about this quiet home and stepping around the sweet bodies sprawled about,
my thoughts race as I see the future before me and I hope, I wish, I pray for grace upon these innocents..
my humans..
such a gift; a purpose to love another soul in the most miraculous of ways
studying them in their slumber.. to watch the heart beat and know a beautiful life is within..
The dance of life can be loud, quiet, happy, sad, full and empty
But it's a beat worth moving to..
swaying to the rhythm
Keep shouting through life – your ears will love the sound of fighting for love
and your heart will live for it..
The curiosity of it all feeds my soul..

Escape Artist..

Published July 17, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

The stillness surrounds her

It's all familiar as her eyes open 

bringing life to her mind

Her heart hearing the words before they escape his lips..

everything has changed everything remains the same..

all of life's moments filtering through her as she hungrily laps it up 

absorbing every drop 

Ravenous for change 

Clinging to hope 

Believing every moment has its' reason and each step a purpose.. 

the very precipice she teeters at determining whether she flees or stays.. 

Desperate to settle 

anxious for her heart to breathe 

She simply chooses to believe

As if it will all fall into place 

Knowing the highest cliff she could jump from

Is trust 

there's no reason to run anymore 

leaving behind the chains that strangled her heart 

and the handcuffs that bound her tight 

the ropes slip off her feet  

and the old becomes new 

She is confined no more…